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French Artisan soap.

The Coutiver soaps are made from premium quality natural & organic ingredients. from the plants and minerals which have rich properties for your skin. They can be used by all ages & skin types. Handmade using the unique saponification cold process, in the county of Essex, England by Christophe Lecoeur who spent his entire childhood in the Provence (south of France) & found his love of organic & natural ingredients.

Conscious of the debt that we have with nature, and the precious heritage that she has to  offer us, each action taken in Coutiver is made to be green and neutral for the environment.

Recycled, recyclable or compostable packaging.
100% green energy used
100% natural ingredients, vegan or mineral
CO2 foot print compensation
Local product used as much as possible
100% with no synthetic products added
100% perfume free

Coutiver are not only aiming to work with soaps but are also working on projects including collective composting, development of organic local agriculture and a planting tree campaign to help bio-diversity.

Handmade in Essex UK
Cold Process manufacturing
100% no palm oil
With maximum ability of organic ingredients
Vegan and cruelty free certified from PETA

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