Mineral Makeup

Mineral Makeup - The Healthy Option 

Mineral powder foundations and blushes are light, finely ground loose minerals based on  titanium and zinc oxide, which are both naturally occurring that are buffed into the skin using a wide, fluffy brush.

They do not clog your skins pores & will not irritate acne prone skin because it does not contain the additives that generally cause the problem so they are especially good for those with sensitive or problem skin. Especially good for young people due being chemical free & the light and natural look which can be obtained. Use more foundation if you want a heavier coverage.

No nano or micronized particles are used

100% natural - made from natural mined minerals with no added chemicals, no parabens, no bismuth oxychloride and no added perfumes or dyes.

Not tested on animals

Most of these products (all the powders) are suitable for vegans as they are carmine free (a red colourant used in cosmetics derived from crushed cochineal beetles) The lip and liner products are suitable for vegetarians but not vegans

Mineral makeup is suitable for rosacea sufferers - the foundations give great coverage so is beneficial to those with scars, birthmarks and spots

Brushes are 100% synthetic bristles making them 100% animal friendly

The powders are made in the UK and comply with EU regulations