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 Monoi de Tahiti is a wonderful cosmetic oil obtained by soaking Tiare flower (Gardenia Tahitensis) blossoms in refined coconut oil.

Coconuts from “Cocos Nucifera” trees, a variety growing on the coral ground of French Polynesia, and the buds of Tiare flower must come from French Polynesia. Coconuts used for Monoi making are collected at the stage known as of "ripe nut". After collecting, ripe coconuts are cleaved and coconut meats are extracted within 48 hours. These ones are then put out to dry during at least a week. The meats are then crushed in fine particles. The raw coconut oil is extracted by a unique warm pressure. “Monoï de Tahiti” is obtained by soaking ten Tiare flowers per one litre of refined coconut oil, during at least ten days.

 Monoi de Tahiti helps to protect from the effects of wind, sea, chlorine from swimming pools and any other harmful external agents. 


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