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Terre d'Oc is a range of makeup which offers beautiful palettes of natural and safe colours. their mineral pigment content gives an incredibly unified, velvety and very natural results.
All the products are enriched with pure oils, butters and vegetable pigments.

Terre d'Oc makeup melts on the skin, colours are inspired by nature around the world and can be used on their own or used with other makeup in your bag.

Terre d'Oc  are ECO designed:

Packaging & pencils made from wood from mangaged & certified forests (FSC labels), Solvent free vegetable inks
Prnting on the inside of boxes rather than paper instructions
Ecostick for lipsticks and kohls
PLA mineral foundation from corn
Guaranteed no GM 

Products In This Category:

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Terre d'Oc  new Skin Care range focus their keyu ingredients on fair trade projects from the African continent. There are currently 3 ranges.

Shea - Known as the butter tree. The ointment from the Shea is known to repair and protect, especially dry and delicate skin. Terre d'Oc Shea is traditionally made by the women of Burkino Faso and Mali and fairly traded. Other ingredients include Marula oil & Baobab oil.

Oriental Fig - Commonly known as Prickly Pear, an elixir of youth and traditionally used by the women in Morocco. Anti aging and moisturising, regenerating & softening.

Argan - The Argan tree from Morocco produces the precious kernels and the silky gold of oil, produced by the Berber women of Tidzi. Rich in in anti-oxidants, Vit E & Omega 6.

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