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Unfortunately as you may be aware the new trade deal with the EU has not been as fabourable as we had hoped.  Due to new costs imposed relating to Brexit the prices of henna pens have had to be increased. I have tried to keep the increase as low as possible and have taken some of the costs on myself.


Innovative beauty products from Sweden which are henna based - all 100%  natural & semi permanant . The makeup all ontains henna extracts with natural colouring.

These products can be removed at any time with makeup remover. So no need to worry if you make a mistake in applying just use your normal remover and reapply.

The brow pencils are great for covering sparse eyebrows  & colour faded hairs.They are  soft to apply and cover beautifully and look totally natural.

Lipliners come in several gorgeous colours and apply softly and with ease. Long lasting and natural with no harmful chemicals.

Lawsonia Alba, Lavendula Officinalis,
Aqua, Capsicum Annuum, Eugenia
Caryophyllata, Hydrolized Wheat Protein,
Linum Usitatissimum.Contains natural
henna Extract.
Does not contain para-phenylenediamine

Revolutionary and and unique formula  with 100% natural ingredients and not tested on animals.

Henna Lips is a semi-permanent two tipped henna based lip liner and lipstick. As it is water based and not waxy it won't feel sticky on your lips. Kiss proof

Soft and gentle - Double functions a lip liner & a lipstick - Colours for all tastes.
The presence of wheat protein gives Henna Lips smoothing & moisturizing qualities. A fresh peppermint fragrance will make your lips feel cool & refreshed.

Henna Eyes  gives the contour of your eyes a fashionable and long lasting colour thanks to pure henna extract.

Soft & gentle Henna Eyes has all the beauty enhancing  benefits of henna,Lawsonia Inermis.  Perfect for all day -  A two tipped pen for high precision - colours for all tastes.

Henna Eyebrows is the most popular semi-permanent eyelliner now available as an eyebrow pencil. By shaping your brows you enhance your natural beauty - eyes being the mirror of your soul. Darken light hairs or fill in sparse or overplucked brows. 3 colours to choose from.

Long lasting - soft and gentle - thin tipped pen for high precision. Can be applied on eyelids & brows but should not be applied on the inside of the eye.

Always close cap after use to prevent the contents from drying out.