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100% Natural Clay

Mineral, raw clay is 100% natural and notably sun dried. For centuries, many civilisations have used life-giving clay for therapeutic purposes. Since 1953, Argiletz has increased its research and quality controls to provide you with the greatest benefits. 

Natural Quality Charter

In whatever colour and form, all clay and clay-based products respect the Natural Quality Charter.

All clay products are guaranteed to be:

  • Sun dried
  • 100% natural
  • Non-ionised
  • preservative free

All these products are dermatologically tested on volunteers. Their raw materials are exclusively derived from plants and minerals. 

Products In This Category:

Green clay

Naturally rich in minerals, green clay is wonderful for all skin types, and particularly for oily skin. Used regularly, it delivers a powerful rebalancing effect, absorbing excess sebum, gently cleansing, stimulating the skin’s natural defense mechanism and restoring new tone in the face.

Pink clay

This subtle blend of two ultra-soft clays takes care of the most delicate skin types with infinite softness. Simultaneously emollient and neutral, pink clay respects the skin’s pH balance, delicately refining skin texture in order to procure rare softness and reveal its natural radiance.

Red clay

A natural source of minerals, red clay contains the natural resources that will make your skin softer and help reveal all its radiance and glow. The secret? Its high content in iron oxides that brighten the skin and illuminate it with a deliciously velvet smooth and natural glow.

Yellow clay

Very similar to green clay in its mineral composition, yellow clay offers all the best qualities to exfoliate, purify all skin types and provide combination skin with a texture as soft as a caress.

White clay

Totally neutral, white clay respects all skin types, even the most sensitive, while ensuring their beauty and softness. And thanks to its incredible brightening and decongestioning power, it helps instantly reveal the skin’s radiance while providing deep-down replenishment.

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