About Henna Herbals

Henna Herbals aims to find some of the best natural products from around the world.
Starting with henna from Iran which is of the best quality to be found in the middle east, specifically wonderful for colouring and conditioning hair the natural way we have added lots of other hair productsincl a  natural hair tonic made from plants and has been found to help reduce hair loss and to thicken the hair.
You can also now found indigo for dying hair  which should always be mixed with nautral henna to give you a great colours from dark browns to black. Lotus Powder known as Sedr in Iran, a great conditoner and cleanser and Cassia, also know as Senna which is used to also used as a conditoner and added to henna in varying quantities to give varying blonde/brown variations.
We have also sourced a beautiful hair shampoo which comes in the form of a powder from 8 different plants, ground down to a fine powder. Eliah Sahil  is totally natural with no chemicals even to help lather up, so be prepared to a different kind of wash, but this leaves your hair fantastically squeeky clean and shiny and you'll get no hassle at the airport security!
Henna Herbals has added some nice items for enjoyment purposes including candles, trinket boxes and little handbag mirrors.
New skin care range of products - Himalaya Herbal. 100% natural ayruvedic soaps and skin care all at very affordable prices. Lots of lovely soaps with beautiful ingredients.
Along with these core hair items we now offer an amazing range of makeup for youi. All contain as much natural ingredients as possible and  contain no parabens or harsh chemicals. You can find mascara, eyeliners, powders, nail polish.
Henna Herbals also hold the full range of henna based eyeliners, eyebrow pens and lip liners. These are very popular and come in a great range of fabulous colours.Long lasting colour, gentle & kind
Baby products  specially formulated for babies soft and delicate skin.
To top all this Henna Herbals now have a whole category just for jewellery to compliment your finished wardrobe so whatever you do
 look out for new items to be added all of which will be as natural and organic as possible.