How to apply Mineral Makeup

How to apply your mineral makeup

Start with a clean, dry face and make sure that any moisturiser is that you use is absorbed into the skin before you apply the foundation as this will give you a nice base to build upon.

 If your moisturiser isn't absorbed, the minerals will clump and spread unevenly.

Ensure that the powder is in the lower part of pot (if not then just tap the bottom of the jar onto a hard surface until all the powder dissapears through the sifter into the bottom of the jar).

Use your index finger to tap a small amount into the lid, dab onto brush, tapping off excess powder back into lid.

Apply to face using light, downward strokes so that the fine hairs and pores on your skin lay flat. Do not "buff" the minerals into your skin as it forces them into your pores.

You may keep adding layers of foundation until you've reached your desired coverage.

Please note that our synthetic cosmetic brushes are made especially for the application of our loose mineral cosmetics, if you use any other brush the results may not be as good

If you need to conceal any blemishes, use a smaller concealer brush and apply the foundation onto that area.

Be sure to blend out the edges If you prefer liquid foundation, simply add a dab of water to the foundation in the lid and mix well until you've reached your desired consistency. If you have dry skin, try mixing in a dab of moisturiser instead of water.