Choosing your shade of Mineral Foundation

Choose the correct shade of Foundation - Mineral Makeup

If you are finding it difficult to find the right shade then it is easy to adjust our loose mineral foundation colours by mixing in a shade lighter or darker.

To do this you can purchase the mini sized jars and mix them together to reach your desired shade. For example, if the colour you have purchased is too light, choose a darker shade with the same undertone.

If the base is too yellow, choose a pink base as the mixer.

Try a small amount in a dish first to get the right proportions. To mix the powders well, use a clean spatula or stirrer. Then stir well and mix. Try the new shade on your cheek, it should blend in and disappear or come close to looking like your skin tone. If not, go back to mixing in a small amount of the shade until you reach perfection. Our most popular shades are: Gracious, Promise, Angelic, Sincere, Soft