Choose the right Lipstick

Choosing the right Lipstick can transform your look, lift your face & make you feel a million dollars. So check out the following and make a wiser and less error filled choice.

choose a colour that compliments both your skin tone and your hair colouring.

Each skin and hair type has a variety of lipstick colours that enhance. Don't think that there is only one or two choices, there are  bright cheerful colours, subtle colours and browns to choose from. Have a selection in makeup bag to suit your mood of the moment.

Very fair skin with white or blond  hair - soft pinks, icy pinks, dusty browns, plum, apricot, beige & wine shades

Fair skin with red hair - Rosy pinks, ginger & berry. Peach, brown sugar, mocha, cherry reds, scarlet & garnet reds, golds

Fair skin with medium dark hair - A common skin and hair colouring. - Rosy pinks, ginger, berry, Cherry reds, scarlet, garnet, golds and purples

Olive skin with medium dark hair - this skin colouring common in the south east asian countries. Chinese and Japanese women look fabulous in cherry reds, scarlet, garnet reds. Dusty browns, plum, apricot, pastel. Gold and damson

Warm skin with medium dark brown hair - Mexican and manu Indian women have these tones - Shell pink, soft and icy pinks. Velvet wine, cherry red, scarlet, garnet. dusty brown, plum, apricot and pastel. Gold and damson

Afro-Caribbean with all hair colours - Tanned skin with all hair colours including black - Rosy pink, ginger, berry. Peach, brown sugar, mocha, gold, dusty brown, plum, aprict and beige

honeybee lippies