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I thought it was high time to chat a bit about these great new products.

Henna makeup may sound strange and perhaps a little scary but I can assure you that they are fabulous. I use my eyebrow pen every day to cover up my sparse eyebrows and add a some colour to my faded tired old brows.

The ingredients are all natural with no chemicals added.  A small amount of natural henna is added which is why it stays on for longer than the average brow or liner pencil.

Now when we say it's semi permanant one must be careful not to think in terms of permanat tattoos or henna colouring on hair which  lasts a whole lot longer than the makeup.  Henna makeup will last longer thanan average liner and may stay on to some degree over night but  the time it will take to wear off will be dependent on your skin & sweat glands. All I can say is that I adore mine, it's soft, easy to apply & if I make a mistake it is easy to take off with some ordinary cleanser. The colours are not harsh, will not irritate your eyes and look beautiful.

Henna Penna

If you have purchased one of these henna makeup products let us know what you think of them

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