Mascara in Ancient Times

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Ancient History of Mascara

The Egyptians are first known peoples to use mascara. They use bone and ivory as applicators and made a concoction of kohl, crocodile dung, honey and water. Kohl was made with charcoal or soot, galena or malachite.

The kohl was used as eyeliner and the mascara to thicken the lashes

Egyptians used mascara to ward off evil spirits and bad energy as well being used in celebrations, war and in death.  It was worn by both men and women.

In Greece the women rubbed powdery black incense into their eyelashes & made their mascara from plants and minerals.

The Romans believed that over sexuality made eyelashes fall out and that long black eyelashes were would prove a woman’s chastity. They applied a mix of burnt rose petals, date stomes, soot and stibium to make their mascara and applied this on their eyelashes

The Babylonians also used black mascara whilst the anicient Persians tended to use henna to colour their face and hair.



Since those ancient times mascara and eyeliner has undergone many changes and of course we no longer use soot or crocodile dung phew!!! Unfortunately we most of these products now contain many potentially harmful chemicals and irritants.

But there are alternatives and you can now shop for mascara and eyeliner made from natural ingredients free from parabens & chemicals.Water based, sugar based, henna based, you name we got it, if you don't see what you would like please let us know.

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