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Did you know that you can make henna based nail polish?  Well you may not know but it has been around for centuries, in fact it can be traced right back to the egyptians and indeed is still used by many middle eastern women today.

So today I am going to let you into a little secret they have been keeping to themselves so that we can all have a little fun.

Add some water water to a small amount of henna powder. The mixture should be thick enough to spread on nails but should not be to runny or it will just run off your nails.

Taking care not to get the henna mixture on your skin (because it stains) spread the henna on nails with a nail polish brush or a nice small paint brush (pinch the kids)

Allow the henna to dry either naturally in the sun, difficult in this country so dry with a nail dryer or a small fan, or if you have the time just chill in front of the tv and let it dry on its own.

Once the henna mixture has dried completely on nails rinse under the tap.

The result will be a gorgeous soft pink colour which is not goint to chip. The colour will slowly fade over time.

Any remaining mixed henna can  be kept for a short time in plastic but cannot be kept for too long as the power of henna diminishes once mixed and exposed to air for any length of time.

Henna Herbals sells henna in several sizes 20g, 50g, 100g 500g & 1kg

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