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Eyebrows are the feature on face that define and give definition. Without them we tend to look kind of insipid and unnoticed. Unfortunately as we grow older the colour fades and they become less dense and defined which is why we spend so much time in recreating the perfect brow and why we so often get it wrong.

  • Always work with the natural shape of the brow
  • Black pencil should only be use with black haired people
  • If your are blond go light (or you'll end up like Alistair Darling!)
  • Brush eyebrows inside to out with an angle brush
  • Start at the tip of the eybrow and work outwards from the bottom, pushing upwards.
  • fill in the arch and finishing with drawing on a tail at the end of the brow.

We recommend the henna filled eyebrow pencil for a great natural look, works beautifully for filling in sparse hairs and giving long lasting staying power. Henna eyebrows has a precision tip for easy and precise application is totally natural, has no chemicals and will not irritate.

Henna eyebrows comes in 3 colours Black, Dark Brown and Light Brown.

henna eyebrows

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