Celebs with Henna Tattos

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You can't get away from it, Henna tattoos are here to stay. They all want one. The beauty is that you can have a tattoo and when its faded try a different design, place it anywhere on the body and its the most natural looking type of tattoo to have.

R&B Singer Kelis sporting her gorgeous henna tattoo on her hand.

kelis with henna tattoo

 Henna tattoo pens can be purchased here,they come in different colours and all contain only natural ingredients with no added chemicals.Great for a natural tattoo.


Vanessa Hudgens also is an advocata  of henna Tattoos  is is helping to revitalise this ancient and beautiful art form. The actress showed up at the "Charlie St. Cloud" premiere, in L.A., with henna tattoos on the palm of her hand.

 Vanessa with henna hand tattoo

simpson with tattoo

Jessica Simpson is also sporting a super henna tattoo and is reported to say that they are supposed to be lucky for single ladies. so there you are girls  .... get designing and get drawing!!!

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