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Went off to the Natural & Organic Show yesterday and had a wonderful day, fun but exhausting. I met some some lovely people & caught up with some old friends. Found some great new products for you and will be introducing them soon.

Mohdoh, those terrific mouldable aromatherapy delights has brought out a new one called Headeez designed for those suffering from headaches and tension. So watch out for this one.

I will be adding some nice new natural makeup so that you have even more choice of branded natural cosmetics to choose from.

One of our favourite nail polish brands, Suncoat, has a super new line just for kiddies. Its sugar based and totally safe for biting and sucking fingers. It peels off so no need for remover. I can verify the ease of this as I tried it and it comes off dead easy, and polish comes in fab jolly colours. These will be added soon.

My 'piece de resiistance' is a fabulous new range of natural cosmetics that I am so excited about that I can't wait to get it into my own cosmetic bag! Its base is made from dried and crushed flowers, including rose petals. chamomile & jasmin, all organic & GM free. This company has producted a complete range of beautiful shades of eyeshadows and shades of foundation for all skin tones, liquids compacts & blush.The lip tints are some of the best I have come across.  I  tried this gorgeous range of cosmetics and was bowled over with the silky smoothness, staying power and luscious textures. I am convinced you're going to love these.

I had super day at the natural & organic show & was exhausted when I got home with my bag full of info, samples and ideas.

Keep you posted.


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