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Eyeliner is the most ancient form of makeup used. It was discovered to be used widely in ancient Egypt and Mesapotamia, and used by both ladies and men. Eyeliner was used by King Tut. It is said that eyeliner used in ancient times could have been used to ward off the evil eye and to protect the eyes from the sun & other eye ailments.
Many different ingredients were used in eyeliners, sometimes copper ore and lead. Thankfully our modern eyeliners do not contain these ingredients. Our 100% natural  powder kohl is made from a a variety of nuts  incl:  almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and pistachio & coconut, ground down and roasted in sesame oil to produce a gorgeous black soot. This is then traditionally applied with either a wooden or bone applicator. As well as this traditional powder kohl (sormeh) made in Iran are the  more well known forms of eyeliner to choose from.

These varying  types of eyeliner on the market each give a different type of effect.

Liquid eyeliner : a liquid which comes in a bottle and is applied with a thin brush to create a sharp defined line.
Kohl : A soft powder eyeliner in matt shades. Kohl outlines the eyes and can come in a powder form or as a pencil, it is soft and easy to apply and is popular in the east. Also called Kajal. These are easier to use if you want to produce a smudged look too.
Powder based pencil : This is a soft, powder base eyeliner in a wood pencil form, lots of colours available, matt shades and generally easy to apply.
Wax based pencils : These are similar to the powder based pencils but are wax based and much easier to apply as they have added wax which makes the eyeliner very soft.



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