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A Little about Eyeshadow Colours

We have a terrible misconception that we don’t look right in certain colours, you’ve heard it  ... blue eyes blue eyeshadow, green eyes green eyeshadow. Well let’s put that aside for the moment. The main thing to remember is that there are no hard and fast rules but generally keep to the same colour group. This will help you blend and soften your colours.

Pearly Shades

Pearly eyeshades are used to highlight the brow bone, they open up the eyes and create a shimmering. Frosted effect. Avoid really pearly eye shadows if your eyelids are very wrinkly because the pearly shadows will accentuate them.

Matt Shades

Matt eyeshadows create a nice flat effect. Dark shades retreat the eyes and light shades seem to advance them. Blend a pearly shade on top of a matt shade.

What colours go with what?

Pearly Greens: These colours include pale yellows, browns & golden colours.
Wear with aqua, pale blue, green & white

Pearly Blues: include all blues & indigo
Super with jeans and black outfits.

Pearly Pinks: Reds, violets, maroon & orange
Really good with pink clothes and to give colour to black & white clothes.

Pearly Yellows & Oranges:  Wear with orange & yellow but also looks great bold with black clothing

Pearly Browns & Golds: These colours look fabulous with purple and lilac

Matt Greens: Colours in this group include yellow, orange grass green & black & are very sophisticated, look best with the neutral colours of  black and white to give a dramatic look.

Matt blues & violets: These include all blues & violets , can be pretty and soft or bold and bright & even deep and sultry.

Matt Pinks: This group has reds, pinks and white & these can give a sweet pretty innocent look or a passionate to classic look.

Matt Browns: Gorgeous group of soft browns maroons, wine shades. Perfect for creating sculpted wide-eyed looks.

Matt Oranges & yellows: This group is full of bright bold oranges and flashing yellow & dark reds. Colours for the bold because they make a great statement. Real fashion colours.

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