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Eliah Sahli - Totally 100% natural

Planet Pure uses  organically grown plants, through a gentle production, looks after the people, and applies a management that is environmentally friendly and insists on fair trade.

Eliah Sahil products are made of high quality herbal, plant and flower essences, as well as minerals. They are available in powder form. since no water is added, they consist of 100% natural active substances. free from preservatives, surfactants, fragrances and alcohols.

No need to move liquids !!!
Liquid Cosmetics are prepared  with water and preservatives are applied to protect the them. It is known that preservatives are harmful to human skin and hair, but they can not be avoided. Our  Natural herbal products removed the problem by making it in powder form. No water and hence no need for preservative chemicals.

A great gift idea too. Have friends who travel? They don't weight down luggage or cause a huge mess when it leaks. An excellent choice for traveling or camping trips! So try it; you may get hooked on a new way of doing things.

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Planet Pure is 'Professionally Managed Company' with a wide exposure and deep understanding of natural resources. Planet Pure believes in the concept of total quality management emphasizing on strong customer relationship management, high quality and on-schedule delivery of its products. We strive to upgrade the existing standards of quality through innovation and hard work. Planet Pure has established itself as one of the leading names in the field of natural resources & minor forest products with our promise of quality products that stay ahead of time. Planet Pure is an integrated conglomerate of farmers engaged in cultivation with decades of experience in Natural Resources. The organization is supported by a team of highly qualified and well-trained professionals. We renounce mechanical production, which means that the more people use our products, the more jobs we create together. We let hands work and instead of machines we employ more than 50% socially disadvantaged people who work with joy and love.

Hand made by Planet pure means: Hand harvested, hand picked, carefully mixed, gently bottled, enjoy fully labeled, eco-friendly packed and shipped with wings.

We strive to upgrade the existing standards of quality through innovation and hard work. The Total Quality Management has emphasis on:-

*Ecological & Economic*
*Socially Fair*
*Natural Ingredients*
*Renewable Raw Materials*
*Fairly Produced*
*Not Tested on Animals*
*OGM free*

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